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Your expensive carpet merits more than a mere periodic amateur vacuuming. This is imperative as deliberate negligence on the upkeep front will eventually morph into irrevocable damage that cannot be undone. Carpet Cleaning Rancho Bernardo prides itself as being top-notch professional carpet cleaner with superlative performance record that breathes in new lease of life into your drooping carpet. A professionally cleaned carpet adds character to your living space and enhances your business’s brand value.

Why is professional cleaning so important?
imgA carpet lavishly bears on itself intricate artwork featuring complicated weaving and delicate designs that brings to surface its exquisite beauty. It is difficult for the ordinary vacuum cleaning or brush strokes to penetrate beyond the surface to battle out the deep seated contaminants. Failure to blot out stain causing spillage on time will inevitably make the same assume permanent color. This will diminish the sheen of the carpet and render the fiber bonds weak.

Over a period of time, accidental exposure to water or unwanted variation in room temperature will lead to growth of harmful bacteria, mold and mildew. They will vitiate the room ambience and usher in numerous other health hazards.

Pet pee and other odor generating pollutants when left unclean will induce foul smell. The disgusting stench will disturb you mentally and bring in bad reputation for your business unit.

People have a tendency to mindlessly drag heavy furniture over the carpet. They inadvertently rub their dirt laden shoe or feet roughly on the carpet surface. This causes abrasion with the carpet’s fiber paving way for frayed edges and diminution of the effective life.

The above mention issues rolled with numerous other problems assail the carpet owners of San Diego. Effectively putting up a brave fight against such deterioration agents is beyond the limited powers of amateurish attempts. Professional cleaning by San Diego Carpet Cleaners can only set them right.

Our endeavor
San Diego Carpet Cleaners specialize in the carpet cleaning segment. Our truck mounted steam cleaning device will vigorously drive away every bit of obstinate contaminant that may have settled in over years. It will disintegrate the stain forming crust and loosen its grasp on the fiber, eventually eliminating it.

The temperature will wreak havoc on the disease causing bacteria. The scientifically set balance between temperature and pressure will make the carpet inhospitable for germs, mold agents etc. The rejuvenated carpet will be devoid of atmosphere favorable for thriving of germs.

The low flow technology assures that not a drop of water is left behind post cleaning. This will also enable you take charge of your carpet within an unbelievable period of 24 hours or less. Our organic cleaning solutions will keep your senses protected from any obnoxious chemical assault.

Our deodorizer-cum-sanitizer will suffuse the room with a soothing fragrance. The 3M Scotchgard will form a layer around the carpet that will render it immune to abrasiveness of sand etc and increase the time within which a spillage is to be blotted out.

You only stand to gain by hiring our professional services.